How Dual Billing Works

Billing methods vary by State. In select States you’ll receive two bills, one from your utility and one from the solar project manager. Your utility bills you for the electricity you use less the solar credits generated by your solar farm share. Your utility will bill will contain 100% of the solar savings, then the solar farm will invoice for the set percentage of the credit value (as specified in your contract). You save the difference!

Here is an example of what your bill will look like:


Is there a penalty for canceling?

No. There are no penalties or termination fees. Should you choose to leave the program, please allow up to 90 days for the cancellation to take effect.

Do I earn the same number of credits every month?

Subscribers receive credits based on how much their solar farm share generates. This means that in the summer, you may receive more credits than you need; while in the winter, you may receive fewer credits than needed to offset your utility bill. The utility bill credits belong to you, and you can use the rollover credits earned during the summer to offset electricity costs in the winter. Your share of the solar farm is allocated so that, at the end of the year, the amount of power is generated for the grid approximately matches what you need to offset your annual electricity consumption.

 Do I have to switch my utility or my energy supplier?

No. If you are purchasing power through a third-party energy supplier, you may continue to do so and still subscribe to a community solar farm. Enrolling in community solar is a good way to reduce your electricity costs without impacting your relationship with your existing energy supplier.

Who can enroll?

Most residential or small business utility customers are eligible to enroll. Commercial customers are eligible unless they are so large that they pay demand charges

Customers with their own solar panels are not eligible to enroll.

Additional Info

Check out this video on community solar from NYSERDA

(New York State Energy Research & Development Authority):


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